Our approach to sustainability

The fashion industry is moving through a needed evolution to put more attention and energy on becoming a greener and more future focused industry. As a forward thinking and conscious business, we believe it’s important we lead by example. This means to act ethically and support economic, environmental and social sustainability initiatives.

Our sustainability initiative.

Our 2023 targets are to:

We consider this approach throughout our business operations, and encourage all employees to view sustainability as the norm.

This means focusing on policies such as:

  • Working exclusively with brands that place sustainability at their core.
  • Partnering with responsible local suppliers wherever possible.
  • Using courier services only when necessary to curb excessive emissions.
  • Using recycled materials.
  • Commit to becoming a paperless business to limit waste.
  • Ensure all product deliveries are carbon neutral, offsetting our environmental footprint.
  • Reduce workforce transportation emissions by offering a flexible work policy - only travelling when necessary.
  • Extend the product lifecycle of samples we hold, to contribute to a circular economy.
  • Share knowledge with our team and partners that encourages them to live more sustainably and consider their environmental impact, on a monthly basis.


We’re always open to finding new ways of being a more responsible business and contributor.

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