We see ourselves as an extension of an in-house team.

Online and direct-to-consumer communications are more important than ever, and we believe press for the sole purpose of being in the press is outdated. As a team comprised of digital natives, we have long believed that DTC is the fastest route to growth in terms of brand awareness, customer loyalty and ultimately sales.

Proactive and reactive.

We balance aspiration with attainability and are not afraid to go back to the drawing board when the landscape rapidly changes. Since our inception, I+A has worked with our clients on short and long-term business plans, ensuring we are both proactive and reactive to the market.

Our team

Lois Clark

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Lois joined I+A  in 2015 to head up the communications team — a division encompassing press relations, social and digital influencer engagement and VIP as an integrated service. After becoming a business head and shareholder in the company, she co-founded IN+ADDITION COMMUNICATIONS as an independent entity with herself at the helm, and has spearheaded our successful growth since.

Our top 2020 moments

Press placements secured in 53 countries.
We gifted on average 52 different influencers and VIPs a month.
A black friday campaign led to a client selling more product in 3 days than the prior 3 months combined.
57 features secured on a client’s debut Copenhagen Fashion Week show in August.
Brand features secured in over 100 titles.
A client campaign had a global circulation reach of 187,364,564 within 3 months of launch.
33 A-List celebrities wore our clients during 2020.
A client’s product entered th LYST top 10 most searched fashion products worldwide after a sucessful product placement campaign.

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